Residential Drain Cleaning: How To Maximize It To Your Best Abilities

Drain cleaning is something you need to do around your home to keep your drains in optimal condition and free of foul odors. If you use these tactics, you'll maximize drain cleaning and prevent stressful drain-related problems.

Find Out What Your Drain Pipes Are Made Of

Homeowners can buy many drain cleaning products with varying formulas, strengths, and odors. You'll easily find the right solutions if you first research your drain pipes' materials. After all, you want to use compatible solutions to avoid significant damage.

If you don't know your pipes' materials, get a drain camera. You can use it to see inside your drains and identify the material, whether it's PVC, steel, or cast iron. Once you gain insights into the material, you'll know what cleaning solutions to focus on.

Invest in a High-Quality Plunger 

In addition to cleaning products for drain cleaning, there are a lot of great tools you can use. A plunger is one of the best because it's simple to use and creates a strong suction directly over a drain. Just make sure you get a high-quality plunger.

Look for one made from weatherproof materials that will resist wear, so you can use the same plunger for years and still get quality drain cleaning results from it. 

Send Ice Cubes Down the Drain With the Garbage Disposal 

You may have several drains in your home, but the one above the garbage disposal tends to get the dirtiest because of the food particles you send down and grind up. Consequently, you may smell foul odors at some point.

If they get awful, an easy solution you can try is sending down ice cubes. They can clean your garbage disposal's blades and the upper part of your drain pipes. Use ice cubes every week to keep foul odors at bay week after week. 

Make a Note of Cleaning Results

Whatever cleaning products and tactics you use around your property, note their results regarding drain performance and odors. After a while, you'll know what to put your energy towards to simplify residential drain cleaning. 

You can use a standard pen and paper or software when recording results from each cleaning product, tool, and technique. Keep a log until you know for sure what works around your property. 

Residential drain cleaning isn't the most glamorous household chore, but it's paramount to ensuring water goes down all your drains. If you ever get stuck, hire a professional plumber. 

Contact a local company to learn more about drain cleaning.