Where’s The Best Place For Water Softener If Your Kitchen Is Already Full?

Kitchens are often the preferred location for a water softener installation for obvious reasons. It is the kitchen where the main water supply typically enters residential settings and also where most water-based appliances, including washing machines and dishwashers, will be fitted. Nevertheless, some kitchens cannot accommodate a home water softener installation either because there is no room for one or the kitchen cabinets would be compromised if one were to be squeezed in. All is not lost if you want a water softener for your home and your kitchen is unsuitable, however. What are the main alternatives? Read on to find out.


To begin with, garages are an often-overlooked location for fitting new water softeners. Garages typically provide more than enough space plus easier accessibility than many kitchens. Please bear in mind that your garage's suitability for a water softener installation will depend on the local climate and how well-insulated it is. If you live in a part of the country that sees sub-zero temperatures that could freeze water in an unheated garage, then you may have to consider other options.

Utility Rooms

A utility or laundry room will be another suitable alternative your water softener supplier can consider for an installation. These sorts of spaces within the home typically already possess the necessary plumbing connections. If they're already in place, along with other appliances, such as washing machines or boilers, then you are usually good to go. Just as is the case with garage installations, your chosen utility area will need to be free from freezing temperatures year-round.

Exterior Installations

If an outdoor installation is an option because you have a garden or a yard space that can be utilized, then this can be a good way to avoid taking space up in your kitchen. An exterior water softener installation will need a weatherproof cabinet to be fitted so that the unit is fully protected from the elements. Due to the aforementioned issue relating to sub-zero conditions, this setup is more common in warmer climates in the southern parts of the country.


Another possibility for a water softener installation, particularly in homes that benefit from multiple bathrooms, is to install the softener in a secondary bathroom or en-suite shower room. This approach will ensure the unit delivers softened water where it may be most needed but out of your home's main living areas.

Compact Installations

In cases where all the other options prove to be non-starters, then it might be worth considering a kitchen installation once more. Under these circumstances, installing a compact or portable water softener model would be the best approach. These devices are designed to fit into smaller spaces, such as under the sink. A small water softener installation can be just as effective as larger ones but you may have to refill its salt container more often.

For more information, contact a water softener installation service near you.