Hire A Plumber To Replace Your Toilet When You Crack The Tank Or Bowl

If you accidentally crack your toilet tank or bowl, you won't be able to use your toilet until you replace it. Turn the water off at the shut-off valve and drain the tank or toilet so the water doesn't leak all over the floor.

When a toilet has a crack, it's best to replace it so you don't have to worry about repairs failing and water leaking and causing water damage. Putting in a new toilet isn't easy, so call a plumber to get the work done fast. Here are some tips for getting ready for the toilet replacement.

Buy Your New Toilet

Unless you want a toilet just like your old one, take time to compare different types of toilets on the market now. You might want one that conserves water or that has a modern appearance.

Just be sure to take measurements of the space so your new toilet will fit where the old drain and water hookups are located. Buy the toilet and have it ready for the plumbing contractor to install when they arrive.

Consider If You Want Other Work Done

Since the plumber will be working in your bathroom, it's a good time to have a new faucet put on or have other repairs done if they're needed. Just buy the faucet or other parts ahead of time so the plumbing contractor has them to work with. Also, let the plumber know when you call for the appointment all the work you want done so the plumber can schedule their time appropriately.

Clear The Area So The Plumber Can Work

One of the more difficult aspects of installing a new toilet is working in a tight space if the bathroom is small. You can't do anything about a vanity or tub being too close, but you can get rid of all the clutter, even if you just place it all in the bathtub to get it out of the way.

Put the rug in the bathtub, too, since the plumber might drip unsanitary water on the floor. Also, clear a space from the bathroom to the front door since the plumber has to carry the old toilet out of your house.

Let The Plumbing Contractor Replace Your Toilet

It takes a while to put in a new toilet, so give the plumber space and time to work. Once the toilet is installed, they'll hook up the water and watch the tank fill to make sure everything works as it should. You may want to watch the tank over the next few days to make sure there are no leaks into the bowl that indicate the rubber flapper may not be sealing properly, or that there are other slight malfunctions that would waste water.

For more information, reach out to a local plumber.