Useful Residential Services Provided During A Professional AC Tune-Up

If you hope to use the same AC unit for a long time and keep it running efficiently, then having an AC tune-up performed by a professional company is a great idea. Knowledgeable HVAC experts can come out and provide the following services in particular. 

AC Filter Change

Each time you have a professional perform an AC tune-up, they will typically swap out your home's AC filter. It's more than likely dirty and thus needs to be replaced with a brand-new filter, so that your AC unit can continue to perform efficiently and your ducts can remain clean.

An HVAC contractor will know which filter to replace the old one with, and can also ensure the new filter is set up perfectly according to how your AC unit is set up. They can continue to change out this filter too if you want to opt into regular maintenance services.

Outside Unit Preparation

If you have an AC unit that has a condenser system outside, then it naturally will get dirty and potentially suffer from grass/weed overgrowth. Fortunately, when you schedule an AC tune-up with a professional company, an HVAC contractor can prepare the area around your unit so that your cooling system isn't affected.

They can cut any grass and weeds that have developed around the condenser unit, as well as clean this component so that it's not prone to breaking down. They can also straighten the fins if they have become bent. 

Refrigerant Line Insulation Inspection

A lot of refrigerant lines for AC units will have insulation because this material helps keep the refrigerant inside these lines at the proper temperature. When you utilize AC tune-up services, this insulation will be examined in a thorough manner.

An HVAC contractor will check out each portion of the insulation to make sure it's holding up just fine. If it's not, such as a section coming down or starting to tear apart, they can make adjustments and thus restore your refrigerant line's insulation to where you still get optimal performance from your residential cooling system. 

Regardless of what type of AC unit your property relies on for cold air, you need to keep it in pristine condition. You'll be able to if you schedule AC tune-up services at the appropriate intervals. Professionals can do a lot of great things to keep this cooling system performing great for many years. 

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