Finding And Repairing A Leak Under Your Concrete Slab

A plumbing leak can always be a major issue that will need to be repaired. However, leaks that have formed under a slab of concrete can be particularly problematic. Understanding the types of problems that these leaks can create can help you to better recognize the need to ensure repairs are completed as promptly as possible.

Erosion And Water Damage To The Slab

A major threat that will occur when a leak has formed under a slab of concrete will be erosion as the soil that is supporting the slab may start to wash away. Additionally, the concrete slab could also suffer major water damage that could structurally compromise it. An example of this may be the water causing rebar to corrode, cracks to form in the slab, and even entire sections of it crumbling. Unfortunately, these types of damage could be rather advanced by the time that the leak is detected by the property owner, which may require structural repairs to the slab after the leak has been found and sealed.

Far Higher Water Costs

A plumbing leak will have the potential to spill very large amounts of water. This can lead to the water costs for the property dramatically increasing over the course of time. Unfortunately, this may happen in a gradual manner that could lead to the property owner having a harder time recognizing the steadily increasing water costs. A comprehensive assessment of leaks may be needed to determine the location of the leak. Fortunately, there are moisture-sensing tools that can be used to assess concrete slabs for leaks, and these tools can be indispensable in confirming and locating a leak in this area.

Potential Health Threats From Contaminated Water

Depending on the source of the leak, it could be possible that contaminated water may be seeping into the soil. An example of this could be if a drain line were to develop a leak under a slab. Unfortunately, this is not a threat that individuals may consider when they are assessing whether to repair a leak under a slab. However, it can pose a significant risk to your property, and this is especially true if the property uses a well as its source of water. This is due to the risk of the contaminated water seeping into the ground source. Preventing this type of contamination will require the prompt response of hiring a slab leak repair professional to find and stop the leak to minimize the contamination that may be occurring.

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