4 Tips to Prolong the Time between Septic Tank Pumping Cycles

Have you emptied your septic tank recently? While it's great to empty your tank regularly, sometimes you might feel like you've been spending a lot on maintenance. So, what can you do to prolong the time between septic tank pumping cycles? Below are a few tips to avoid too many pumping services. 

1. Avoid Flushing Foreign Materials 

Materials such as wipes, diapers, and sanitary towels can harm your septic facility when flushed down the toilets. Besides causing the tank to overfill, these materials can lead to a clogged drain field that could mess up your yard and cause back-ups. 

These materials are too complex to be broken down. They cause rapid build-up, which explains why you must empty your tank more often than usual. Experts discourage homeowners from flushing these materials even if their packaging says otherwise. Let the septic system users in your home know about this to avoid inconveniences. 

2. Discard the Grease in the Garbage Bin 

Do you pour oil and fat down your drains? This habit might seem harmless at first because you assume that your septic tank accepts all types of waste. However, the bacteria responsible for breaking down waste in your facility might not be able to eliminate the excess grease. 

Grease accumulation might also slow down bacterial activity in the facility. As a result, the waste will build up rapidly, demanding premature septic tank emptying and cleaning. The technicians might recommend that you avoid rinsing grease down the sinks to extend the period between maintenance schedules. 

3. Limit Water Usage 

Another common reason homeowners complain that they have been scheduling too many pumping cycles is that they use too much water. When installing your septic tank, the professionals considered the number of people in your household and determined the right tank size. If you use your dishwasher and washing machine daily, the excess water might strain your septic tank. This can overwhelm it and cause it to fill up too fast. However, you can conserve water, avoid overfilling your tank and increase the time between pumping sessions. 

4. Go Easy on the Chemicals 

If you often use chemical cleaners, they may cause more harm than good to your septic system. These chemicals often destroy bacteria essential in breaking down waste in the septic facility. As a result, waste will accumulate quickly, causing the tank to fill up quickly. Therefore, you might need to ask the technicians to recommend better solutions that do not kill bacteria in the tank. 

Your septic tank could fill up too quickly due to these reasons. However, you can apply these tips to reduce the need for regular pumping. Ask your technician for more tips and advice during your next septic tank pumping service.