Info On Your Septic System And Possible Troubles

You want to stay on top of the maintenance of your septic system. If your septic fails, then it can create many problems inside and around your home. If you feel there is something going on with your septic system, you want to call a plumber right away. You can learn more about some reasons why a septic system may fail and signs there may be issues with your septic, in this article.

Some reasons why septic systems fail

Improper installation - If a septic system that is soil-based has been installed at a location with inadequate soils or with high groundwater tables, then this can cause major problems. While this can be a reason for septic failure, it's more common for one of the reasons below to be the culprit.

Neglecting the pumping - If you don't have the septic tank pumped when it should be, then you can find yourself quickly wishing you had. When the tank fills up more than it should, then all that sewage will have to go somewhere. This is what will lead to septic system failure. The timeframe you should let pass before you have the septic tank flushed again will depend on the size of the tank, the size of your household, and other considerations regarding water usage. You should ask the plumber when they recommend the next pumping to be when they come out to pump. In most cases, it is generally about every three to five years, give or take a little. 

Putting the wrong things down the drains - Putting the wrong things down the drains can affect the septic system's ability to perform the way it should. Watching what goes into the drains can help your septic system to last much longer. Examples of things that shouldn't go into the septic include coffee grounds, kitty litter, cigarette butts, oil, paint, dental floss, sanitary napkins, and plastics. These things can end up clogging the drain field. 

Signs a plumber should come out for your septic system

  • The drains drain slower than normal

  • There are puddles near the septic or drain field

  • The grass in some areas is much greener and thicker

  • There is a sewage smell in and around the house

  • You have sewage coming out of the drains


Now that you have learned more about your septic system, you will see the importance of staying on top of having it pumped. You will also know how to spot troubles, so you can get a call into a plumbing repair service right away.