4 Vital Signs Your Sewer Lines Need To Be Repaired

Your sewer lines are the behind-the-scenes workhorse of your home. They work to carry away all the waste that goes down your toilets and all the other drains in your home. They work to keep wastewater moving safely away from your home, allowing you to enjoy a safe environment. 

Your sewer lines mainly exist in the background, doing their job without a lot of recognition. That is why you need to be aware of the visible signs you will see that let you know that something is up with this behind-the-scenes system. 

1. Increased Water Bill

If your water bill is going up, but you don't seem to be using any more water than normal, that can be a good indication that you have a sewer line leak. A sewer line leak can result in higher water bills, so if your water bill is high and you are not sure why, that is something you will want to look into. 

2. Strange Sounds 

Next, you need to be on the lookout for strange sounds. Your drainage pipes shouldn't really be making any sounds. If you notice that your pipes are making strange gurgling sounds, or even more odd, your toilet, that is something to be concerned about. Strange gurgling sounds usually mean that there is something wrong with your sewer line, and you will want to get the issue addressed right away. 

3. Slow Draining Drains

For example, when you wash your hands, the water should disappear down the drain at about the same rate that it comes out of the faucet. It shouldn't build up inside of your sink as it waits for a chance to go down the drain. If your drains are draining slowly, you may have clogs in your drainage pipes or sewer line that are slowing things down, or there may be other damage to your sewer lines. 

4. Bad Smell

The great thing about your sewer line is that it contains all the smells that your sewage and wastewater produce. When something goes wrong with your sewer line, all that smell leaks out. If you notice that your backyard, basement, or an area near your home smells bad, that is a sign that you may have a break or a leak in your sewage line and that sewage is leaking out somewhere, creating a bad smell. 

It is essential to pay attention to the warning signs that something is wrong with your sewer lines. Call in a sewer line repair service if you even suspect that something is wrong with your sewer lines. This type of issue is better to take care of sooner rather than later.

For more information, contact a sewer line repair company.