2 Main Signs You Need Water Heater Repairs

Modern water heaters can last for many years. Some come with long warranties to give you confidence as you invest in this vital home appliance. However, like other electrical appliances, water heating systems will inevitably develop problems with time. If that happens, you need to contact heating services to diagnose and fix the problems.

If you notice any of these two issues, you need to call professional water heater repair services right away.

Temperature Issues

Temperature fluctuation is a common problem that many homeowners face. Sometimes, the water heater doesn't heat water at all. Some causes of this problem include a faulty thermostat, power issues, or a faulty heating element.

You can replace blown fuses or reset tripped circuits to see if the heater will work. You can also check if the power switches are on. More importantly, check if the thermostat is receiving power. 

On other occasions, the water from your heater system could be lukewarm. This problem has various causes, including a faulty heating element or thermostat or an undersized water heater. In some cases, it could be an issue with crossed hot and cold connections.

There are other times when water from the heating system is too hot. If you experience this problem, temperatures might be set too high. Other possible causes include high mineral content, a blocked pressure relief valve, or a malfunctioning thermostat. 

You need to contact a professional water heater expert to inspect the heating elements, rule out any potential causes, and determine the real issue.


Water heater leaks are also a common problem in many homes. If the problem is not fixed urgently, the resulting water damage can ruin walls, floors, and valuable items.

Sometimes, the water heater can explode due to pressure buildup. However, an explosion is rare and only occurs if the pressure relief valve is faulty or broken.

Causes of water heater leaks vary. Sometimes, it could be a minor problem that you can quickly fix yourself. Other times, it could be a much more serious issue that requires you to get a new water heater. You need to contact a plumber to help diagnose issues correctly and fix them before they cost you a fortune.

There are various reasons why your water heater leaks. For instance, rust may form and cause corrosion, especially if you use an old tank. With time, corrosion can eat away at the tank structure and create cracks. Your water heater can also leak if the drain valve is loose. Other causes to watch for include sedimentation and excessive pressure buildup.