Plumbing Upgrades To Coincide With Remodeling A Commercial Bathroom

Plumbing upgrades will be essential when adding new toilets, sinks, and other components to a commercial bathroom. A remodeling service will aid a property owner in choosing products that will provide both men and women with the essentials needed when using a restroom facility. 

Prevent Overflows

Bathroom overflows may occur if the plumbing is old or compromised. Adequate flow throughout a plumbing line will prevent overflows. The new plumbing should be non-galvanized and can consist of a series of rigid or flexible plumbing components.

A remodeling project leader may prepare plans that list toilets, sinks, and other fixtures. Dimensional measurements for the plumbing pieces will also be furnished. A licensed plumber will ultimately install all of the upgraded materials. They may need to remove sections of drywall and flooring, prior to aligning the plumbing pieces. Afterward, they will install the fixtures.

Restrict Water Consumption

If water consumption has previously been a concern, toilets and sinks that did not contain an energy efficiency feature may be the reason for the extreme water use. Energy-efficient products will use less water each time that a toilet is flushed or a sink is turned on. A plumber may feature some energy-efficient models that will coincide with the functionality and design layout that the plans for a remodeling project have outlined. 

Handle Fewer Messes

If dirt previously got stuck between floor tile pieces, choosing to replace individual tile squares with large ceramic pieces or a seamless floor covering will prevent dirt buildup. This type of surface can be mopped quickly, in between the occasions in which a restroom is occupied.

A large drain hole that is installed in the center of a floor will prevent water from pooling on the floor's surface. Although the use of a new plumbing system will likely not result in overflows, there is still the possibility that an occupant of a bathroom will stuff too much toilet paper inside of a toilet and cause a disruption in the flushing process. The addition of a drain hole may require a flooring specialist to install a sloped floor.

A sloped floor will contain a gradual slant. This type of design will not detract from the aesthetical appeal of a new floor covering. The design of the floor will only be responsible for drawing water toward the drain cover. A plumber will need to install plumbing below the floor, prior to a vented cover being secured at floor level.

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