4 Indicators That It Is Time To Get Your Septic Tank Serviced

Very few homeowners ever think about parts of their home like the septic tank. Often, they remember that they have such infrastructure when it malfunctions and causes them some level of inconvenience. However, you do not have to wait until you have sludge flooding your yard before getting the professionals to pump the septic. You can watch out for the telltale signs that all is not well with the system, and get timely service. Here are the four top indicators that your septic tank needs servicing. 

The Drains Are Sluggish

One of the first ways to tell that your waste tank is damaged and needs repairs is when the drains slow down or become sluggish. Most people assume that their drains stop working when there is a clog in the system. However, when the septic tank malfunctions, it stops moving both water and solid waste efficiently. Some of the water backs up from the tank to the sewer lines. Therefore, the water will move more sluggishly when you try to flush the toilet because the system is saturated. 

A Lush Green Lawn

The condition of the lawn could also help you figure out whether your septic is leaking. The waste in the septic tank contains very nutritious supplements for the plants. If it starts leaking, the grass will take it up and become greener and healthier looking than the rest of the yard. If the luscious vegetation covers the drain field, it is time to call the professionals to check the condition of your septic tank. 

Sewage Backup

Sewage backing up into your house is another indicator that you need to have the septic inspected. The sewage typically starts making its way back into the house if the tank has completely failed and is no longer processing and decomposing the waste from the house. Backup is a serious health and safety hazard, and you should call the emergency services as soon as it happens. Blackwater and waste can cause infectious diseases.

Foul Smells

Your home should never have a sewage smell when the drains and the septic tank are functional. Problems with the septic tank often lead to foul sewage smells in the home because the bacteria inside the tank has stopped decomposing the waste as efficiently as before. 

These are some common indicators that your septic tank needs servicing. You should contact a local pumping service and have your system assessed. They will pump the excess sludge and also clean the tank, restoring it to its functional state.