Plumbing: Why Your Toilet Keeps Clogging

Nothing is more inconvenient than a toilet that doesn't flush as it should. The problem is both frustrating and unhygienic for those using the toilet. If you are experiencing this situation, it's paramount to start by figuring out what caused the problem.

Finding the cause of clogging enables you to get a lasting solution. Here are the most common reasons why toilets clog and how plumbers handle them.

Using too Much Toilet Paper

Toilet paper comes from organic and recycled material, so small amounts of it cannot block the toilet. However, large volumes of paper can create a clog in the pipe and slow down the movement of water and waste down the sewer line.

Another complication arising from toilet paper is when you bunch it up into a ball, making it more prone to clogging. The easy solution to this problem is teaching your family members the right amount of toilet paper to use and how to fold it to ensure easy flow through the pipes.

Using a Toilet with a Low Flow

Low flow toilets are generally prone to clogging. Usually, most older toilets have a design with narrow sewer pipes. Because of that, such a toilet cannot handle much waste at a go compared to the modern design.

But you do not have to replace your older toilet if it's in good working order. The ideal solution, in this case, is to avoid overstretching the toilet.

Flushing Foreign Objects

One of the leading causes of toilet clogs is flushing unsuitable items down the toilet. Items like cotton balls, feminine products, dental floss, and wipes often get stuck inside the pipes. Typically, the pipe's design doesn't allow large objects or anything that does not decompose to pass through. Therefore, ensure your family does not flush these items down the toilet.

Obstructions in the Plumbing Vents

New toilet designs have a plumbing vent whose role is to flush air into the sewer line and increase the pressure when you flush the toilet. However, leaves and sticks can block the plumbing vents, reducing the force that pushes the waste down the toilet. To avoid these obstructions, you should hire plumbers frequently to clear the vents.

A clogged toilet is a massive inconvenience in your home. Fortunately, you can use the simple tips mentioned above to keep your toilet in great shape. Additionally, you should contact a plumber to help you fix any arising issues immediately they occur.