How to Maintain a Well Pump for Optimal Efficiency

Homes not connected to city or municipal water systems have a well pump. A well pump is an important part of a home's overall plumbing system. The well pump is responsible for taking water from the ground to your home. The well needs regular maintenance to avoid water outages. The following are some things you can do to ensure the well pump runs effectively:

Inspect the Well Pump Regularly

One issue with well pumps is the lack of routine inspection. A professional inspector performs an Ohms test to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the well pump. The pump amperage is also checked to see if the pump is utilizing energy properly. The wiring system of the pump is also checked to ensure there is no corrosion or other damage.

Keep the Well Pump Wiring Area Clean

Another way to keep your well pump healthy is to keep it clean. Dirt and debris can build up in and around the components of a well pump, which can damage the wiring. Once the wires are damaged, the pump cannot receive power to operate. To prevent damage, remove any debris you see. You can use spray lubricant near the pressure switch to keep it working properly.

Reset the Air Pressure

Typically, a well pump only turns on for a few moments. If you notice the pump staying on for longer periods, you may need to reset the air pressure. One component of the well pump is an air bladder. The bladder must have precise pressurization to ensure the pump functions properly. If the well pump turns on when it does not need to, it will lead to premature damage due to overuse. You can check the air pressure yourself with a pressure gauge you would normally use on tires. You can check the pressure any time you notice the pump is on longer than necessary. If you are not comfortable doing this, your well pump technician can check it for you.

Upgrade the Pump

If your well pump is not running optimally or with any efficiency, you may want to consider upgrading your pump to a more efficient model. When you research well pumps, consider asking your technician for a recommendation. Some models, such as models with steel impellers, may be more structurally sound, resulting in longevity and efficiency.

A well pump is a complex part of a home's plumbing system, so you should regularly maintain it. If you do not have experience working with the well pump, you may want to work with local contractors who do.