3 Things To Expect If You Ignore High Water Pressure In Your Home

Have you noticed a rattling sound when you turn your water on? If so, you are either concerned or have dismissed the sound as annoying and unimportant. Rattling pipes are a phenomenon that can cause serious issues if a plumbing repair is not made. There are a number of things that can cause this unnerving plumbing issue. This is why a plumber is the best resource to use to determine the cause. A common cause is high water pressure. The following points identify a few costly things that can happen when the issue gets ignored.

Premature Damage to Appliances

Damage can occur to appliances that require water. These major appliances can get damaged by the forceful pressure pushing through them. Initially, you might notice that the appliances' performance starts declining. Some appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines may start to make weird noises indicating that they are damaged. Eventually, these appliances might break down, which will likely mean an expensive repair or mandatory replacement.


High water pressure can wreak havoc on pipes. This should be clear when one listens to the rattling sounds produced when the water is turned on in a home with high water pressure. The pipes can get damaged and eventually leak. A common cause is the force of the water loosening fittings. Appliances can also leak when they get damaged. Some homeowners notice that their toilets continuously run. This will usually lead to higher water bills. High water pressure can damage critical parts of toilets. These parts will need to get replaced for the affected toilet(s) to work properly. The most common parts impacted by high water pressure are the fill valve and flapper. 

Water Hammer Effects

The term water hammer refers to the banging and rattling of pipes. It occurs when there is excessive pressure going through pipes that cause them to bang against walls and other pipes. Water hammer is a serious issue because it can lead to extensive pipe damage and put homes at risk for water damage. There are several ways to fix a water hammer issue. Plumbers can install a device called a water hammer arrestor. The device is designed to slow down the water passing through pipes, which lowers the pressure.

Remember rattling pipes are more than a nuisance. Plumbers can rectify the issue with plumbing repair solutions. These repairs will likely cost less than the repairs you could face if you ignore the high-pressure issue.

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