4 Signs A Clog Is Building In Your Plumbing Drains

A clogged drain is a major nuisance, but if you think about it, you probably had some indication that trouble was brewing. It's easy to put off making the call to a plumber, but if you call when you first notice signs of a clog, you can avoid dealing with a completely stopped up drain later. Here are four signs of clogged drains to watch for.

1. The Washing Machine Doesn't Drain Properly

The line from your washing machine can get clogged up with lint. If this happens, there may be some pools of water left in the drum when the washer stops, and your clothes might be wetter than usual.

If your washing machine shares a drain with another appliance or a sink, a clog caused by the sink drain could also cause your washing machine water to backup. When the water spins out of your machine, the water may back up in the sink or even in your bathtub.

2. Water Rises Around Your Feet As You Shower

Water that's slow to drain out of your shower could indicate a clog in the shower drain or a clog in the main house drain. Either way, you don't want to stand in dirty shower water, so call a plumber to clear the clog before the problem gets worse.

When you notice any drain in your home emptying slower than usual, it could be a sign a clog is building somewhere and that you need to take action before the drain stops up completely.

3. The Toilet Flush Is Weak

If it takes more than one flush to clear the toilet, or if it takes a long time for the toilet to flush completely, that could be a sign of a clog building up in the main sewer line. The clog could be tree roots, and that will only get worse.

You may flush the toilet one day and the bowl won't empty at all. Don't wait for that to happen. Instead, call a plumber to clear the clogged drain with a hydro jet or snake so the toilet flushes fast and you don't have to worry about a sewage backup disaster in your home.

4. The Kitchen Sink Has Standing Water

The kitchen sink is one of the most common areas for clogs to occur. An obvious sign of a kitchen sink clog is when the drain is so slow that water stands in the sink. Since you use the sink for cleaning food and dishes, you don't want dirty or contaminated water to foul the sink.

It's a good idea to clean your drains regularly with vinegar or an enzyme cleaner as part of your house cleaning routine so your drains stay clear and so they smell fresh too.