Plumbing Problems That Can Lead To The Need For Foundation Repair

No homeowner ever wants to hear that they have potential foundation problems. These issues can be some of the hardest to address and can threaten the overall livelihood of your home. However, most homeowners are under the impression that foundation trouble can usually be blamed on things like ground shifts or settling. One other common issue can be related to foundation trouble: plumbing issues. Here is a quick look at some of the plumbing problems that have the potential to cause problems with a home's foundation and why they should be professionally addressed as quickly as possible. 

Leaking pipes can cause changes in the ground structure. 

If a water leak is severe enough, it can leach into the soil beneath a home's foundation and create a whole list of problems. When a home's foundation is put in place, great care is taken to make sure the ground is stable. Many construction companies bring in loads of gravel and topsoil to create a stable ground platform to build upon. However, the infiltration of a large amount of water can take a solid ground and break it down, making it far less stable. This alone can lead to settling of the foundation and can create damages that must be repaired. 

Improper drainage setup can lead to changes in a home's solid slab foundation. 

While a solid slab foundation can definitely be one of the most stable foundation types, plumbing issues can definitely generate problems for the solid structure. More precisely, issues with poor drainage can cause erosion of a home's solid slab foundation over the long-term. The draining water can lead to erosion, which can weaken the foundation over time. In these situations, repairs usually involve opening up the foundation, repairing the problematic drainage point, and then injecting new concrete materials to solidify the underlying slab. 

Hot water routing issues can cause cracks in cold weather. 

While rare, hot water pipes can cause damage to a solid slab foundation if they are not properly insulated. For example, if there are a series of hot water lines running through a section of a slab, the heat when the slab is freezing cold can lead to cracks. Unfortunately, these types of damages often go unrecognized for years, which can mean a substantial amount of damage is done before the homeowner realizes there is an issue. Even though the cracks can be minimal, they can also be large and affect the stability of the foundation. 

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