How To Handle A Burst Pipe

A burst pipe is a serious plumbing issue that requires emergency repair processes. The information that follows will outline what to do if you endure this type of situation. 

Turn Off The Water And Document The Damage

If you can clearly identify which pipe has burst, shut off the valve that supplies the pipe with water. If you are not certain which pipe has burst, shut off the main water valve. After doing so, drain the plumbing. To do this, flush your toilets, and open all faucets.

If a lot of water has accumulated in your home, you may be eligible to file an insurance claim. Before you clean up the water, document what has happened and take pictures of the water damage.

Contact A Plumber

Contact a plumber who provides emergency services. A plumber can guide you in cleaning up the water within your home. They may drain the hot water heater and any other plumbing that you may not have adequately drained in the previous step.

If you were unable to locate which pipe burst, the plumber will need to conduct a complete analysis of the plumbing. They may use infrared camera equipment and visual cues to detect where the burst pipe is located.

Replace The Plumbing

A burst pipe will need to be swapped out with new plumbing. If the plumbing is located below a floor or behind a wall, the plumber is going to need to remove structural materials that are covering the pipe. This may require repair work that will take a while to complete.

If the burst pipe is not covered by structural materials, the repair work will be fairly easy to accomplish. During the repair process, the plumber will make certain that the fittings are secured properly. 

Handle The Claims Process

Before the plumber leaves, they will give you a plumbing bill. The plumbing bill will be needed when you file an insurance claim. If there is structural damage in your home that is due to the water damage that occurred, an insurance adjuster will perform an inspection of your residence.

The inspection process is an essential part of an insurance claim. An adjuster will inspect the furnishings, flooring, walls, and other materials that were saturated while the water was leaking from the damaged pipe.

Once the inspection has concluded, the adjuster will determine the amount of damage that occurred and will place a monetary value on it. This value is what you will be eligible for once your claim is approved.

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