4 Reasons To Call A Plumbing Contractor About A Slow-Draining Bathtub

Why should you hire a plumbing contractor to inspect a slow bathtub drain? Even though the water may eventually drain from your tub, take a look at the top reasons to contact a pro right now.

Standing Water Is Dangerous

Do you have children or pets who enjoy playing with or in water? A young child may view the standing water in the tub as an in-home paddling pool. Likewise, your dog may want to take a dip in or a drink from the tub. The water in a slowly draining tub will stay at a deep level for more than the few seconds it takes you to exit the bathroom. This means you will leave behind a potential drowning hazard after a bath or shower. A prompt plumbing services repair can clear the clog and give you back a quick-draining (and safe) tub.

Standing Water Is Dirty

You just bathed or showered in the tub that now refuses to drain quickly. Not only is the leftover bath-time water left standing in the tub, debris that has backed up from the drain may mix in. This creates a dirty, messy, and possibly smelly tub. Reduce the need to constantly clean the tub or spread air freshener through the room with a professional plumber's service. After the plumbing company identifies the issue and removes the clog, your freely draining tub won't leave behind a stinky ring of debris.

Slow Drains Could Cause Pest Problems

The water left in the tub after you shower isn't the only reason to call a plumber to repair a slow drain. Psychodidae, more commonly known as the drain fly, is another potential problem that a contractor can eliminate. 

These tiny moths look like fruit flies or kitchen gnats. But instead of produce, they prefer the gunk and debris (leftover hair, skin cells, and shampoo or soap products) that can clog a bathtub drain. While drain flies won't make their home in every narrow, clogged pipe, they could potentially invade your tub. 

Even though a plumber won't remove the flies (in the same way that a pest control contractor could), they can help you to prevent an infestation. By eliminating the sludge and slime on the inside of your tub drain pipe, the plumber can make your bathroom less attractive to these invaders. 

Slow Drains Are Frustrating

Does staring at the standing water make you want to scream? You aren't alone. Slow-draining tubs are a common plumbing problem that can aggravate and irritate a homeowner. If the picture of standing water in the tub makes you mad, sad, or just annoyed, contact a plumbing company to effectively and efficiently repair the clog.

For more information, contact a plumbing contractor near you.