Should Your Drains Be Cleaned? 3 Signs They Should

Your sewer drains are probably the last thing you think about when you are doing the dishes, taking a shower, or washing a load of laundry, but these drains in your home keep the waste and water moving from your home and out to the sewer lines outside of your home. If these drains are not working properly, it could be a difficult situation inside of your home and quite a mess. Indoor plumbing is a luxury everyone takes advantage of—until there is a problem. One way to prevent an issue with your drains is to have them cleaned out, and it's something every homeowner should do from time to time to ensure everything is going smoothly. Read on for a few signs that it's time to have this done at your home.

1. Your Drains Have Never Been Cleaned

If you've lived in your house for some time now and have never had your drains cleaned out, you should consider having this done. Think about everything that has gone down the drains in your home, how many times you may have had to use a drain cleaning liquid in your drains, or the number of times you've put something down the drains that maybe didn't really belong there. If you really think about this, you may want to consider having your drains cleaned. All of these things can build up in your drains and eventually cause them to clog, or at the very least, stink. Have them cleaned to prevent an issue.

2. Your Drains Smell Foul

If your drains are beginning to have a foul odor that you can smell when you do the dishes, are hovering over the sink to brush your teeth, or when you take your clothing out of the washing machine, they have an odor, it could be caused by whatever is in your drains. If your drains have any sort of a clog, eventually they are going to put off an odor that can be quite foul and they will begin to emit into the air throughout your home as well. Have your drains cleaned to get rid of these odors and anything that may be in your drains.

3. Your Drains Are Always Clogging

If there is a daily chore in your home of unclogging a drain, it's time to hire a plumber and have your drains cleaned out. This constant clogging will eventually turn into a backup in your home, and waste and water will have nowhere to go except back up into your home. If you are always unclogging one or more drains in your home, you need to have them cleaned out.

If you have never had your drains cleaned out before, have foul-smelling odors, or have constant clogs in your drains, consider hiring a drain cleaning plumber and have your drains cleaned out.