How A Plumbing Contractor Helps During A Kitchen Renovation

If you're renovating your kitchen, you'll need the help of a plumbing contractor if you want to install an island sink or move your current sink elsewhere. The plumber can help you in the planning phase and also in the installation of the new pipes.

Islands have specific codes that need to be followed when plumbing and electricity are added, and you can count on a plumbing contractor to make sure your renovated kitchen will pass a plumbing inspection. Here are some plumbing changes you may need to make when you remodel your kitchen.

Hook Up Water To A New Kitchen Island

It's nice to have a sink in a kitchen island so you can wash a few dishes and cook while facing your family rather than having your back turned. A kitchen island may be most useful when you have a cooktop and sink both installed, and the plumber has to know how far apart to space them and any outlets that are added.

A sink needs a drain and hot and cold water lines. These will probably be installed under the floor from existing lines across the room that are behind the wall to supply water to your existing sink. The pipes to your old sink are then closed off if you eliminate the sink instead of keeping it to have two sinks.

Install A New Dishwasher

If you'll be adding a new dishwasher for the first time when you renovate, you'll need to hook up the unit to a plumbing hookup and drain. Dishwashers are usually installed beside a sink so it's easy to share plumbing lines and the drain. If your only sink will be on the new island, you'll probably want to install the dishwasher on the island too, which may also require another outlet and distancing requirements.

Add A Water Line To A Refrigerator

If you move the location of your sink or your refrigerator, you may need the plumbing contractor to move the water supply line too. The refrigerator needs a water supply to make ice and water for the dispenser.

If your current refrigerator has its own hookup behind it, the plumber might use that hookup to run a water line to the new location for the refrigerator if that works out better than running it from the sink. The plumbing contractor might run the line behind the wall, under the floor, or through cabinets.

You may also need a plumber to install a new garbage disposal, a water connection in a pantry closet for a utility sink, and connections for other appliances you might have in the kitchen or nearby, such as a water softener or washing machine. Also, plumbers install gas lines as well, so you may need the plumbing contractor to hook up gas for a gas cooktop or stove. 

For more info, contact a local plumbing contractor