Dealing With Foul Odors From Drains & Sewer Line Problems

Does a foul odor come from the drain in your home no matter what is done to get rid of the odor? The problem you are dealing with might be much more serious than you think, as it might be due to a sewer line problem. The reason you should be concerned about the odor is that it points to there being an accumulation of debris in the sewage system of your home. If there are other problems with the drains other than the odor, you might need to get the main sewer line cleaned to resolve the issue. Cleaning the main sewer line is not a job that you can do on your own, so it is time to contact a plumber.

When Should a Home Sewer Line Be Cleaned?

It is a good idea for a homeowner to get into the habit of cleaning his or her sewer lines on a regular basis. For example, the lines that are directly attached to drains can be cleaned by using drain cleaning products every now and then. There are drain cleaners that can be poured directly into the drains to break up the debris that has been accumulating. However, it is also wise to occasionally hire a plumber to clean the lines more thoroughly. The main sewer line is not easy to access like the lines that are attached to plumbing fixtures, as it is located in the ground.

How Does a Plumber Clean a Sewer Line?

A plumber can use commercial-grade products that are similar to drain cleaning products that are sold in stores for the basic sewer lines. He or she can also manually clean the lines by disassembling them to remove debris more thoroughly. However, cleaning the main sewer line is usually performed by using jetting equipment. The reason is that the jetting equipment makes it possible to clean the line without excavating the ground to do so. Jetting equipment sends a powerful stream of water into the main sewer line, which is powerful enough to break up tree roots while removing debris.

What Will Happen if a Sewer Line is Not Cleaned?

If you do not get your sewer lines cleaned, multiple plumbing problems will arise in your home. For instance, if the main sewer line is not cleaned, all of your drains could overflow with wastewater. The foul odor in your home may also get worse if you do not get the drains cleaned. It is in your best interest to make an appointment with a plumber for sewer cleaning services.