3 Situations When You Need Emergency Plumbing Service

Most homeowners seldom think about their plumbing, and it may seem like plumbing repair is a problem that can wait. However, several issues can arise in any home that qualify as plumbing emergencies.

Here are three situations when you need emergency plumbing services.

1. A Burst Plumbing Pipe 

A burst plumbing pipe is an issue that must be addressed immediately. If the water to the burst pipe isn't shut off, it could result in hundreds of dollars of water damage. Worse yet, a burst supply line could even leave your home without water entirely.

Contact a plumber immediately if you notice signs of a burst pipe in your home. This may include water spots or leaks, sagging walls or ceilings, or reduced water pressure in certain rooms or fixtures. Regular plumbing inspections will help you catch pipes that are at risk of bursting due to corrosion or freezing.

2. Multiple Drain Clogs

A single clogged drain is a problem that every homeowner is likely to experience. On the other hand, multiple clogged drains could indicate a more serious issue. Clogged drains in several rooms are often a precursor to a sewage backup. This is even more likely if the drains near the bottom of your home become clogged first.

Sewage backups can cause serious water damage, and the black water from these backups is hazardous to your health. Preemptive repairs can prevent costly damage from sewage backups, so call an emergency plumber if you have problems with multiple drains.

3. Water Heater Malfunction

In some cases, having no hot water can be as bad as having no water at all. Dishes, laundry, and personal hygiene all become more difficult when your water heater malfunctions.

Keeping an eye out for a few signs can give you advance warning that your water heater needs repair. A lack of hot water, discolored water, or leaks around your water heater are good reasons to call a plumber. You should also call a professional if you hear grating, rattling, or other strange noises from your heater.

When your water heater fails, an emergency inspection will identify the problem. In some cases, your plumber may simply need to flush your water heater to restore its performance. In other cases, the heating element or the entire water heater may need to be replaced.

Emergency plumbing services have saved countless homeowners from the cost and inconvenience of the worst plumbing issues.

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